​​​​​​​​Outrider Press Small Press Publishing & Writing Contests

Outrider Press small press publishing w/editorial, design & typeset support plus writing contests & anthologies  


Outrider Press - Small Press Publishing

Small press publishing and editorial support

  • Includes editorial, design, and typeset support; plus
  • 25 Years of Outrider's Black-and-White series of annual anthologies; and
  • Writing Contests with $1000 in cash awards 

Outrider Press has been publishing poetry, fiction and nonfiction for over 30 years and providing customized support for private clients. Publications include the acclaimed Black-and-White series of

annual anthologies produced in affiliation with TallGrass Writers Guild, an independent arts organization.

    Annual Anthologies - Titles of the various anthologies include Deep Waters, Fearsome Fascinations, Home, Love the Second Time Around, Music in the Air, The Moon, A Bird in the Hand-Risk and Flight, Wild Things, PLAY, Feathers, Fins and Fur, and A Walk in My Garden. Since its inception, this small press has published the voices of many new and established writers including  publishing over 700 first-time authors.


​    Writing Contests- Anthologies award $500 each for poetry and prose. Outrider publishes poetry, fiction and nonfiction; poetry preferred.

Details on submitting your writings for possible publication and cash awards totaling $1,000 are found on this site's Publications and Anthology Submissions sections and by emailing  tallgrassguildATsbcglobalDOTnet