Copper and Turquoise

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Outrider Press small press publishing w/editorial, design & typeset support plus writing contests & anthologies  


​​​​Imagine walking down a narrow, cobblestone street in another time, another place; you pass brightly colored homes and pots of pretty flowers by a front door. You are not traveling down the street to a particular destination. The street is taking you, stone by stone, footfall by footfall. That suits you, suits your creative imagination.

You hear bits and pieces of a story being told or maybe a poem, more clearly as you draw nearer the bistro at the end of the street, which turns right; you find yourself approaching outdoor tables, and the people seated there are enjoying a glass of wine, or hot coffee — and each other as they nod with appreciation at the writer's closing words as he relaxes back in his seat.

There's a brief flurry of orders for more wine, some soup, and more hot coffee while others talk with the poet and still others review their own writings, waiting to read. 

The windows are open on a house across the way. A woman leans out from her studio, smiling, filled with ideas for the next book she'll publish or create by hand; the next group of workshop students; writing contests; and more gatherings of creative artists sharing their work and ideas.    

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​​​​Welcome to Outrider Press Publishing, offering full service small press support for your writing and publishing needs since 1986. Award-winning author/editor Whitney Scott presents a variety of workshops from Short Story Writing to Crafting Your Memoirs. She also provides editorial and book development services to individual clients whose work has gone on to win state and national awards. 


  • ​​Annual Anthologies - Since 1995 Outrider has been publishing the acclaimed Black and White series of annual anthologies in affiliation with TallGrass Writers Guild, putting out worldwide calls for submissions of poetry, essays and short fiction. Learn more about the Black and White anthologies by clicking on the 'Publications' page.

  • Writing Contests - Each annual anthology offers $1,000 in cash prizes. Click on the navigation bar's 'Anthology Guidelines' for details. 

  • ​​​Outrider Press Book Arts - Scott comes from a long line of European book artists and hand book binders, and studied Book Arts at Chicago's Newberry Library, then one of only three remaining fine binderies in America. Her Book Arts specialties include hand crafted memorabilia boxes made of pH-neutral materials to protect your treasures and precious metals from the damages caused by pollution; plus hand-made journals and scrapbooks; as well as restoration and repair services for family heirlooms. Scott also makes hand-made paper from raw wood pulp and creates hard-cover and soft-cover books from scratch.Her recent work achieves a level that can be categorized as table sculpture using turquoise, hemp, natural feathers, and copper. Lamentations (below) is one such piece.



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